February 2008

finally got the sleeves done on the gown. I pulled the old linings out, replaced them with new velvet linings, pulled the velvet linings out, cut down the sleeve shell to bet fit the smaller velvet linings, and sewed the upper linings to the bodice lining. Whew!   I also made some repairs to the lining where I had adjusted the shoulder seams.

I know, I have to stop this, but I can't.  It's an illness.  And people are feeding it.  I have another item to add to the "You can sell anything on the internet" list...  Are you ready?

So, I was doing god-knows-what on the internet, and my eye was caught by one of the those damned advertisements on the side of the webpage.   I'm not even sure what site it was on, it's not like I look at veggie porn...

Magic Veggie Set

Check it out - you can CUT them using the little plastic knife.  You have to cut them on the little cutting board, which is ironic, since how much damage can that little plastic knife do?

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