November 2008

Yes, I know... I am crazy. Certifiably insane.  It's not like work, school, two rescue groups, band, the website business, and gaming doesn't keep me busy enough... but I have to have a project to obsess over. God forbid I have a free minute.

I am going to make a Civil-War era gown, complete with underpinnings.  The awesome news is that they make PATTERNS for this!! Can you believe it??? No more draping, making my own patterns, and doing it the hard way!

Saturday, we are bringing in greyhounds from the track to process them and place them in foster homes.  I'll be working in the medical tent, drawing blood for the blood tests.  Then, Rio is going to help test the new greyhounds to see if they are small dog safe or not.

On Sunday,  I am transporting Rio Frio to Baker to meet a Crest-Care rep from Las Vegas, who will be taking Rio to his forever home in Vegas.

...of the accident.  Two years ago, my girlfriend and I went to GirlBar in West Hollywood.  On November 11, 2006, at approximately 3:00am on Saturday morning, we hit a tree head on, at an estimated 60 mph. There were no skid marks at the scene.  The police believed she fell asleep at the wheel.

I had a very hard time dealing with not only the accident itself, but also the aftermath.

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