December 2008

Since I am not doing anything on Christmas day this year, I've decided to (I'm pretty sure it was Anne's fault, I don't have PROOF yet) host a small New Year's Eve cocktail party.  My house is all decorated, and we all know I love to cook, and all my friends and I love to eat and drink and make merry, so why not?

I caught a five second glimpse of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives with Guy Fieri on Food Network, and he was doing a segment on a diner that served Pastitsio. I had never heard of that dish, but it looked interesting. It is a greek version of lasagna - ziti layered with a meat and tomato sauce, and cheese, and topped with a bechamel sauce, then baked.  Being that anything pasta tops the charts in my list of favorites, I had to try it.

On Friday, I made Hot Buttered Rum mix.

I was craving Chinese-ish food the other day... actually, I was craving vegetables, which I haven't been eating much of lately.  I hit the grocery store with only a vague idea of a stir-fry in mind... then I found yaki soba noodles, and thought that would hit the spot. So, I ended up getting a bunch of veggies, and some beef for the stir-fry, but then started thinking about an appetizer. I wanted something meat based, and I certainly didn't have time to make egg rolls or wontons from scratch, so I settled on chicken wings.

I was at home the other day, simultaneously hanging Christmas lights, doing homework, and feeding the dogs (I do not know why anyone might suggest that I have ADD) when I passed by the TV, on which an episode of Emeril was showing. After wowing over how fat he is now, I stopped to see what he was making... he was making crepes.

This was my Thanksgiving Day menu, which I hosted at my house. I use the term "hosted" very loosely, since the only guests were my three dogs, and one other human.

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