February 2009

On Sunday, my sister left for Seattle early in the morning, so I had some free time to spend on working on the 1861 corset.  (I had blogged about this in November.)  I am using duck canvas in a natural color, although it looks white in this pictures.  The style is quite different than the 16th century corsets; those were intended to give the upper body a conical shape, with a smaller waist, although the corset was not intended to make the waist smaller.

On Friday, I called the vet with my decision about Sydney Sue.  We are not doing chemo, for a variety of reasons.  I will instead treat her with Prednisone, a steroid that will keep the lymphoma and it's symptoms at bay temporarily, anywhere from 2 - 6 months.  When she starts showing symptoms again, that will be the beginning of the end.  From what I have researched, there is about 30 days for the cancer to take over with no medication.  Right now, she is doing a lot of snuffling and reverse sneezing; given that, plus the nose bleed she had last week, I suspect the cancer is very much in t

It started a few weeks ago;  when Tara came over to cook and hang out, I complained to him that Sydney Sue was having an off day.  Earlier that day, she wanted to go out; I let her out, and she just stood on the patio, staring at nothing, not moving.  I watched her, and she just stood there. After a few minutes, I made her come back in.  Tara looked at her, checked her lymph nodes, and pointed out that they were a bit swollen.

I am completely enamored. I get a little warm and tingly on the inside when I think about my newest love. You know how it is... can't stop thinking, dreaming, sighing...


But it's totally justified in my case.  And well earned. But first, I have to digress a little, give a little background.

I did it!  I harbored doubts about the outcome; I searched for recipes for a week; I read and researched and looked at pictures.  I ended up using three different recipes for the components, and I read them and re-read them to make SURE I knew what I was in for.

So, I'm not usually a fan of sweets.  I don't get sad and eat cookies, I don't always want something sweet after dinner. But sometimes, I crave MAKING sweets. I don't care if I eat them; usually, I just want a taste, and that's it. It's really the act of making the dessert that I like.  Weird, huh?

A beautiful tribute.  Written by: Martha O'Connor

I am moving off the myspace blog, and onto my own blog. It's time I grew up, really. : )  I will transfer my old blogs over here, and continue on here.  YAY!!! : )

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