May 2009

Wow, I haven't blogged in a while.  When Sydney Sue was sick, especially at the end, I didn't cook much, so all of my blogs became about her and her updates, and not about food.  After she passed, I took a bit of a break from things.  We're getting everything back together.  Jessie went to a new adoptive home a a few weeks ago; they bounced him the very next day after he kept trying to eat their cat.

The day after Shae was chattering for her dinner, we woke up early, and I ushered the kids out to potty. I went back inside, leaving the front door open for the dogs to come back in, and I turned on the coffee pot and was waiting for it to brew. Interrupting the silence, I heard a long, solemn "rooooooo".  I could tell it was from Stewart. I went outside to check on him, and saw him standing on the patio, his head straight up in the air, and he rooooooed again.

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