February 2010

Well, I got the new understructure sewn, boned and the fashion fabric pinned to it, and I still didn't like how the V opening sat at the waist, so I pulled out all the side seams, re-set them, and re-sewed them.  Now it lays like it is supposed to.  But, the issue of the Italian gowns is how the front of the V is treated.  With English gowns, women wore corsets underneath their gowns to give them the desirable flat and conical shape (man, tell me THAT doesn't sound sexy!).  There are no surviving Italian corsets or dresses from that period, so this subject is theoretical, and involves a lot

I think it's just impossible for me NOT to have a project to work on. And, Faire season is coming up.  Who doesn't want a new gown each year? : )  The French gown is too hot to wear during the summer months, and the gold gown, well, I don't really have an issue with that one. But I did want a new gown.  I wanted something fairly light and cool, and I'd been looking at darker blues and green fabrics and dreaming.

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