Polymer Clay Projects

Polymer Clay

I love working with clay, it's such a fun and forgiving medium, and the possibilities are endless. If  you have creativity. Which I don't always. :)  I ordered a handful of how-to books from Maureen Carlson, who is a polymer clay goddess. It is AMAZING how much detail and personality she puts into her figurines. I had always thought the polymer clays were for people who weren't serious about creating art, and Maureen has, through her work, set me straight.

My best friend lost her dog a year ago. Charity and Buckley had an extra special connection that was obvious to anyone that met them.  Buckley was a gorgeous greyhound. he was gigantic, even by greyhound standards; he was white with a brindle patch over one eye, and soft ticking throughout his coat.  And eyes that would melt even any non-dog lover's heart.

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