18th Century Frock Coat

18th Century Frock Coat

The lining is in; the trim on the button side is sewn on. Both sleeves are on. The trim on the button hold side is tacked in place and waiting for button holes to be sewn under the trim, which couldn't happen until the lining was sewn in.

After hanging the coat on the dressmakers dummy, it became apparent that the lining is a little short on the right front, which is causing the coat to not hang perfectly. I had a feeling that this part wasn't going to go quite right, but I'm still bummed out about it. I am going to turn that portion of the coat inside out, and cut out all the stitching, let it hang again, and see where the lining falls. I think I only need about half an inch, so worst case scenario is that I tack the lining to the fashion fabric seam allowance, instead of bag lining it.  I'm not happy with that, but truthfully, no one will notice, provided the coat hangs correctly.

So, what do I have left to do?

1. Fix the lining issue
2. Sew the button holes
3. Sew on trim on button hole side of chest
4. Sew trim on cuffs and pockets
5. Sew a million buttons on
6. Tack pleats on back of jacket into place

Wow, almost done!

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