50's Polka Dot Dress

50's Polka Dot Dress

I picked up this pattern forever ago, but was so uninspired by the fabrics used in the dresses on the envelope. Then, while shopping in some vintage stores with friends in Fullerton a month ago, we came across a store full of rockabilly and 50's styled clothes. I LOVE that style. But not enough to pay retail prices! And so, when sorting through my patterns a week later, I came across this one, I realized that if I did it in a polka dot print, it would be almost identical to the rockabilly dresses I'd seen at the vintage store! I ordered some fabric in 100% cotton, and when it arrived, I could tell it would be perfect. The dress was ridiculously easy to sew.  I think my cost for materials was around $16 or so, and it took me one afternoon to put it together, and another to make adjustments.  I'm going to make twenty of these for this summer. : )

Even without a petticoat, it lays nicely.  I think it would be super cute with a black petticoat, or even a fake layer of black tulle at the edge of the skirt.

The back straps are fun. : )

I've been trying to stop putting my hair up wet, so I've been letting it air dry.  And today, I tried a new shampoo and conditioner I ordered a week ago; it's organic, sulfate-, sulfite-, and silicone-free, and it's made only with all weird hippy crap.  It smells like hippy, too, trust me. It's not so bad once it dries. But HOLY COW it made my hair so silky and shiny, it is absolutely incredible what a difference it made.  So, since I am wearing my hair down AND it's combed, I took a picture.


P.S. Dear Cool Shoe Crowd: Don't judge me on my shoes!!! ; )


omg!! super cute!
Thank you! But I do need shoe help, I admit it, lol! : )
Sweet! And Speedy! The polka-dots did it. Blue cotton espadrilles would be stylish (mom had some with ric-rac that she wore with sumer skirts, back in the day), and comfy. Everything else seems to come with a ridiculous stiletto (sp???) these days. Honestly, they'll do stiletto flip-flops next. PS~do you ever sleep, woman?
Very nice work. Come get your shit!
The dress and your hair look great!! The shoes, on the other hand...
DM, I sleep, just not as much as other people. Too much fun stuff to do. :o) And I agree, I'm not the biggest fan of stilettos or ultra high heels, I'd rather be a bit more comfortable AND able to walk around. ; )
Kim (required n...
I love it! You definitely need 50 of those, it looks great on you! But I have to ask... if you're posting a photo of the dress you made... why would someone be so rude as to judge the *shoes* you wear??!! WHO CARES which shoes you wore to take a photo of your DRESS??? Perhaps if someone is going to be *That* critical, well... not only are they missing the point, but it's simply bad form. By the way, your hair is getting really long!!! Very pretty. :)
Kim, you are so awesome. And thank you. <3

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