Korean Bibimbap

Korean Bibimbap

Knowing that I was going to invest a lot of time into making the Galbi Jim for the Korean BBQ tacos, I decided to plan ahead to use the leftovers.  After doing such a fusion dish, I opted to use the leftover Galbi in a traditional Korean dish, Bibimbap. Bibimbap is customarily served in a preheated stoneware bowl that continues to cook the rice after it is added, giving it a bit of crunch.  Stir fried vegetables and bulgogi or Galbi beef are arranged picturesquely on top, and then are topped with an over easy egg.  The diner then pours on a spicy gochujang sauce on top, and mixes the egg and vegetables into the rice, creating a heavenly stir fry. Although it is a humble Korean meal, to the American palate, it is full of exotic flavors and textures.

The rice is placed in a preheated stoneware bowl.


The sauteed vegetables and the beef are decoratively arranged on top of the rice.


The fried egg goes on top of the veggies...

And then, voila! The sauce goes on, according to the diner's taste. The sauce, made from gochujang, hot pepper paste, is HOT. And GOOD. Trust me, you won't want to skip on this part.

And then, it all gets mixed into a big, glorious mess before getting consumed.

Big Glorious Mess. With extra sauce.

Ah, Korean comfort food. Definitely hits the spot. : )

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