In Memory of John Knowles Jr.

In Memory of John Knowles Jr.

I am so very sad over the untimely loss of one of my Army friends, who lost his life in a horrific car accident yesterday. John, better known to me and our 510th Ordnance Co family as Kubby, was the first person to take me under his wing when I arrived in Germany, making sure I knew my way around, introducing me to people, showing me the ropes.  We have always had a love/hate relationship that we often laughed over, but loved each other like family.  Kubby told me several times, in the last few years, that I was one of the smartest people he knew.  If you met Kubby and knew how incredibly intelligent he was, you would know what a huge compliment his comment was. And how much it meant to me. And that was Kubby. No matter how much he liked to argue or poke at people to make them think, he was always in our corner. Kubby was always so very reliably Kubby. He is the only Army friend I've met with after we all got out. Reuniting with him was just like old times, even though so many years had passed. We talked a lot that summer and fall, by phone, by text... and finally he met a woman he was crazy about, and was happier than I've ever seen him. Which makes it that much sadder that he lost his life, after finally finding his way.  I can't express how sad I am at losing him from my life, and from my Army family. I love you, man. I miss you already.     

Germany, 1991

Dana Point, CA 2009


M. Smith

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