Project Cyan is finally undergoing a major website redesign! Please bear with me as I get things sorted out and rearranged.  I'm excited to finally have a place to consolidate  my blogs, my costuming, my website design portfolio, and anything else I feel like putting up.  

I imported all my previous blogs from WordPress, and did quite a bit of customizing on the displays on this site, so I have to go back through the older blog entries and fix the pictures so everything looks consistent. I am sure this is going to take some time! But in the end, it's all so worth it, I love this new site and all of the new features. : ) 



Recent Posts:

When I went to the specialty butcher a month ago and picked up the Wagyu steaks, I also picked up ground wild boar from Australia. I've always wanted to try it, I've heard good things about it, and at $7.99 a pound, it's certainly reasonably priced. I didn't know what to do with it, though, so I threw it back in the freezer for another day. (I don't like freezing meat, but a lot of exotic meat comes pre-frozen, for logistical reasons).

Or, how I spent a lot of my free time in August. : ) It started with an invite to a friend's 40th birthday party. A THEMED birthday party, where guests were encouraged to dress up. I was SO in!!! Could it be any more up my alley???  The theme was Star Wars. I'm not a Star Wars fan; I'm sure I must have seen some of the movies, but I don't remember them. I websurfed my favorite movie costume sites to look for costume ideas. I settled on the Padme packing gown from Episode 2 before I went to bed that night.

...or, my reward to myself for surviving grad school. : )   Actually, I'm super looking forward to having some free time, and one of my big hobbies for years has been video games. Specifically, MMORPGs, massive multi-player online role playing games. (See why the acronym now?? ; ) My current desktop is too old for the newer video games, because of the older single core processor; to upgrade it would require replacing the cpu and motherboard, and at that point, it makes more sense to replace the entire computer.

I had a block of sashimi tuna in the freezer from my last sushi shopping trip; it was a bigger block, and I had also picked up a package of fresh salmon sashimi, so I stuffed the tuna in the freezer for another time.  I was glad I did, because that made impromptu sushi night a possibility!

To start, miso soup with tofu and wakame, and edamame with sea salt. I love edamame.

I've never made a frittata before. I've never eaten a frittata before. In fact, I've apparently never even spelled the word out before, because I've been spelling it "fritatta" on my food lists all day. It's an Italian egg dish; similar to a quiche. Except it doesn't have a crust. And there isn't any cream added to the eggs. And it's cooked mostly on the stove. Okay, it's not THAT similar to the quiche, when you get down to the details. ; )


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