Project Cyan is finally undergoing a major website redesign! Please bear with me as I get things sorted out and rearranged.  I'm excited to finally have a place to consolidate  my blogs, my costuming, my website design portfolio, and anything else I feel like putting up.  

I imported all my previous blogs from WordPress, and did quite a bit of customizing on the displays on this site, so I have to go back through the older blog entries and fix the pictures so everything looks consistent. I am sure this is going to take some time! But in the end, it's all so worth it, I love this new site and all of the new features. : ) 



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I did it!  I harbored doubts about the outcome; I searched for recipes for a week; I read and researched and looked at pictures.  I ended up using three different recipes for the components, and I read them and re-read them to make SURE I knew what I was in for.

So, I'm not usually a fan of sweets.  I don't get sad and eat cookies, I don't always want something sweet after dinner. But sometimes, I crave MAKING sweets. I don't care if I eat them; usually, I just want a taste, and that's it. It's really the act of making the dessert that I like.  Weird, huh?

A beautiful tribute.  Written by: Martha O'Connor

I am moving off the myspace blog, and onto my own blog. It's time I grew up, really. : )  I will transfer my old blogs over here, and continue on here.  YAY!!! : )

After adding lemon to baby red potatoes the other night, I realized that lemon can make a nice, bright addition to certain dishes. I decided to try another dish that featured lemon. And, since I've been slacking on the veggies lately, I wanted to incorporate something green. That's where the healthy part comes in. I didn't use ANY butter, either.


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