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I imported all my previous blogs from WordPress, and did quite a bit of customizing on the displays on this site, so I have to go back through the older blog entries and fix the pictures so everything looks consistent. I am sure this is going to take some time! But in the end, it's all so worth it, I love this new site and all of the new features. : ) 



Recent Posts:

I subscribe to a few recipe websites, and one of them emails me a random recipe every day.  A few months ago, one of the recipes was for Polish Lasagne. It looked really good - unusual, but I could see it working.  The dish has lasagne noodles, and it's layered like traditional lasagne, but it's made with a mashed potato / cream cheese mixture, and then topped with sauteed onions.

Before I even finished the french gown, I was at Joann's picking up god knows what, and I wandered into the fabric section.  I found a fabric that I really loved (mostly because it was so lightweight and cool compared to the heavy french gown) and took a few samples.  The more I looked at the gold, the more it grew on me.

I have fostered greyhounds for the last 5 years, but now my place is too small to have another big dog full time.  Trust me, I know - I babysat my friend's two greyhounds for 6 days last month, it is a TIGHT squeeze.   It was a lot of fun having them, and they are wonderful dogs, but I was still glad to turn them back over to her and have room to walk around in my house again. : )

So, in my quest to spend as little money as possible on food, I have been exploring some of the 50's comfort foods.  I have made tuna casserole and NAILED the perfect recipe, which I am committing to my personal cookbook in process on TasteBook.com.  I also found the best EVER macaroni and cheese recipe from the Food Network, which I promptly modified, and that too will also be in the new cookbook.  The original recipe called for a touch of hot sauce; I presume they meant a standard Tabasco or table hot sauce; I used Thai HOT chili sauce, and the flavor was really interesting - the boy love

After watching a few shows the other day on Food Network about comfort foods, I started making plans to make some of them, like macaroni and cheese, tuna casserole, spaghetti.  I'm a huge fan of comfort food; I just also happen to really enjoy cooking fancier foods, and ethnic foods.  My cravings normally dictate my meal plans. I will see something on FN that will catch my eye; then I will comb through cookbooks, and before I know it, I'm off on a new food path.


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