May 2012

I love shopping online; it's fast, it's convenient, it's cheap. And I love getting stuff in the mail, even though I ordered it and paid for it and was expecting it; it's still like Christmas when I see a box in my driveway! So, I was the usual amount of excited to see a box lying in my driveway when I was waiting for a particular shipment, but this one had a secondary surprise inside. Well, maybe only for me, because I happen to like this sort of thing. I am really big into textures and colors; sometimes the right combination speaks to my soul.

I wanted to try another evening gown because I wanted to improve my fitting techniques. Evening gowns, because of their close fit, require a lot attention to detail, and multiple fittings to ensure things are going well.  I also like doing them because they are fast. : )   This one is Vogue pattern 8556. I really like working with Vogue because the patterns are usually well sized, and require minimal adjustments to make them fit well. And, the patterns are just very flattering. The fabric is a crepe back satin in royal blue, and the dress is fully lined.

Halfway through May, and I'm just now getting to my April Project blog!!  April was a busy month, and May was even crazier! I finished the 1810 Regency Stays and Chemise. Yay! And started the gown. Meanwhile, I had been working on a knitted sweater that I had started at the end of March.

In April, I finished the regency short stays and chemise, and in May, I finished the gown.  So I am putting this in between the April and May Projects blog posts, even though I still haven't gotten to the April one. : ) The inspiration from this project came from watching Immortal Beloved, a movie about Ludwig Van Beethoven's life. He is long been a favorite composer of mine, and I love the movie because it captures his life through his music.

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