June 2012

I picked up this pattern forever ago, but was so uninspired by the fabrics used in the dresses on the envelope. Then, while shopping in some vintage stores with friends in Fullerton a month ago, we came across a store full of rockabilly and 50's styled clothes. I LOVE that style. But not enough to pay retail prices! And so, when sorting through my patterns a week later, I came across this one, I realized that if I did it in a polka dot print, it would be almost identical to the rockabilly dresses I'd seen at the vintage store!

Sushi is one of the few cuisines I would prefer to eat at a restaurant. With an expert preparing my food. But I rarely get to go out for dinner, and that means breaking out the sushi mat and rice wine vinegar at home. While the techniques tend to range toward more advanced, the ingredients are simple.  And anytime the ingredients are simple, the plating has to be stepped up to compensate. Which is both scary and freeing at the same time.

...buying a shiny new fancy TV, or buying a perfect head of red leaf lettuce.

Alright, the TV was way more exciting. But the lettuce was a happy experience.

Normally, that wouldn't be such an ominous statement, but I'm ME. I LOVE lettuce. I have salad every night with dinner. Sometimes, I have a salad for lunch AND a salad with dinner. But asinine "oh I'll trust my FEELINGS" me turned down the temperature on refrigerator because it FELT warmer than it should. And then sane "don't screw with something that isn't broken" me woke up the next day to frozen lettuce.  This whole therapy / learn to trust my feelings thing is SO not working for me. At least in the lettuce department. So now, I have no salad for dinner.

After my food truck foray a few weeks ago, where I had THE best burger I'd ever had, courtesy of the Patty Wagon food truck at the Sunland / Tujunga Food truck gathering, I set my sites on trying to duplicate an amazing burger at home.

Knowing that I was going to invest a lot of time into making the Galbi Jim for the Korean BBQ tacos, I decided to plan ahead to use the leftovers.  After doing such a fusion dish, I opted to use the leftover Galbi in a traditional Korean dish, Bibimbap.

I've had the sous vide for some time now, and I use it a LOT. It's become a huge convenience for me, much in the way crock pots are for those who use them. But, for whatever reason, I've used it mainly for beef, with a vegetable or two thrown in here and there. I wanted to get more out of it. One of the most raved-about sous vide recipes is a soft poached egg. It's so easy, it's ridiculous. Heat the water, add the eggs, and set the timer. Ish.

I'm getting further and further behind in my monthly blogs! Oy!  But, the good news is that there are only 13 weeks and one day left on the capstone project, and then I will be done with my masters degree, and I will have OODLES of time to fill.  Eh, who am I kidding, I'll never have oodles of time to fill, I'll always have plenty of things to keep me busy. : )

In May, I finished the regency gown.

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